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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. now abc 2news at 11. >> the fight over same sex marriage is still on in maryland. how both sides are preparing for the next round. >> designer clothes at discount price itself you can find them. >> a autistic boy will get a guide dog. how the community donations have add up fast for him. >> we have confirmed at least seven firefighters have been injured. crews onto scene at a home in riverdale. a win window burst and it caused a back draft. all seven were taken to the hospital in serious condition. we will follow this story all weekend on arias well as on abc
11:01 pm >> strong winds likely didn't help the firefighters tonight. here is a live look over the harbor outside. as you can seat winds, flags are blowing it'll be deseptemberrive. it'll be a windy night and weekend. wyatt is outside and it's coming. >> whipping out here. temperatures falling too. what a difference it's been. skies have cleared off and if you take a quick look i think we can show some of the tree branches, the winds are coming in gusts and that's determines how much things moving. let's show you the current wind gusts. airport across the state and we 33 for a peak wind gust if baltimore and 29 in ocean city. we have seen gusts to 40. the wind advisory, maybe extended for parts of the state. high profile vehicles, you will have to consider the plans now through maybe early tomorrow
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morning. as we look at the radar, the radar, here is the good news, the severe storms they had earlier today long gone. just a few winter type showers out in western maryland. the rest of the overnight staying gusty, 38 degrees it'll be much colder as we go in to the last weekend of february. we will have much more on the detail phoria weekend coming up. >> continuing coverage in the battle over same sex marriage in maryland. the governor hasn't signed the bill into law and organizers already preparing for the very next step. . we have that part of the story. and that next step is the push to challenge the newly passed bill to get the measure on the ballot with the election in november. opponents of same sex marriage have to gather thousands of signatures and they have to do it quickly. the bill legalizing same sex
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marriage is headed to the governor's desk. >> it's marriage that protects a family. >> reporter: opponents say delegates were pressured by the governor, the house speaker and senate preens mike miller. they wanted to pass it to get it passed. >> reporter: now -- they are getting ready setting up a website that once approved will be used to gather signatures, they need over 5,000 to put it on the ballot. >> are over the hundred though dollar mark. they will survive them and make sure the decisions. . >> reporter: they have failed to approve same sex marriage in 31 other states. a, delegate had a commitment ceremony in 2005 and then got a license in 2008. she said in most of those other
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states it happened before the state's legislature had passed the same sex marriage bill. >> if voters overturned it they would take people's right away. it's another issue to take away rights gathered by the public body. >> reporter: for now the delegate is focused on there being a vote. >> i believe in the citizens, i believe they work hard to make sure it gets on the ballot and when it does, i believe that traditional marriage will be upheld. >> reporter: a poll taken last month showed that statewide 49% of people favor a law allowing same sex couples to get married, 47 opposed, in a near tie. the governor will sign bill thursday of next week, they have until may 31 to get the first 17,000 signatures and until june 30th to get the rest. . >> new tonight police are looking for a missing couple
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from the eastern shore. they are in their 90s and were last seen on the 15th when they headed for a new home in florida. they were driving a 2002 crown vic. if you have seen them call police. a person who dead after being hit by a train, police say it happened in the 400 block of web lane. the person was struck at around 12:30 by a northbound train with 100 people on board. amtrak officials say it held up train traffic for hours before the track could be reopened. one of the jurors who convicted george hugueley said the hardest part was looking at pictures of the corpse. he said he is confident that he made the right choice here. >> we came out with our verdict, both times, i -- was not afraid to look at him and look at him and i think that's
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because i was confident that what we did was right. >> reporter: he is the first juror to talk about the trial. they recommended the judge give him the 26 years in prison. we will find in april what the judge decides. february is national teen dating violence month and tonight a new film was created in baltimore. speak up and get out is a tale about teen dating violence and the need to work together to stop it. many times teens won't say anything about abusive witnesses they are in or are witnessing. >> hopefully they understand that these kind of things should be shared parents, if they aren't comfortable -- they will talk to a guidance counselor. if a child is having this treat helicopter someone needs to know. it needs to be a place where
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people can come share it. >> its being shown around the country to encourage a dialogue. >> the community gets a big thank you tonight from an autistic boy. we told you about him less than three weeks ago as his parents started planning fundraisers to try to buy him a guide dog. we have the follow up. >> reporter: great news. you have a guide dog costs 13, 5hundred dollars. when we first met them they have a third of that and predicted it would take two years to reach the goal. that wasn't the case. the community stepped up big and he will soon have a dog by his side. >> 39 swimmers joined allison in a pool in indianapolis, a donor who had a story who used 80 miles away t let him reach their fundraising goal. >> i couldn't believe my eyes,
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the people that showed up. the support was just overwhelming. >> reporter: nate was found to have autism. he doesn't sit still and he has given his parents several scares as he runs out of the house. al responsible ted are exhausted but soon they will throw some of the parenting to the dogs. >> the dog is not going to let him run out in the street, the dog will stop. the dog's help with -- helps with communication, eye contact, sleep,. >> reporter: guide dogs like this one in california are trained to help autistic children gain independence and confidence . the dogs are trained oregon and given to children. they aren't cheap. with the support of the community they raised 13,005oo dollars. >> it's amazing how generous
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people are and i don't know if it's the dog orchid but they want to help. >> reporter: they are the first family in maryland to use the organization. we met them 18 days ago. they thought it would take two years to raise the money. it took four months. several fund-raisers capped off by the donation. >> you know we understand now l is something wrong and i'm hoping i will get smiles instead of dirty looks. >> reporter: now they had other fund-raisers planned, that money will help them travel to oregon to bring the dog back home. now that the money has been raised, the company will select a dog and begin the training process. the dog will be introduced to the family in about a year. >> target is received a lot of attention the past few weeks for its newest collection but
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some of that is really not that good. why are just frustrated target so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: women love target. for many it's their favorite discount store. because of it's hip fashion and clean lay out. in the past few weeks, target's reputation has lost a bit of its lluster has people found it impossible to find it's hottest new goods. target has been making headline for its new designer labels like shirts and dresses jason wu but if you wanted that shirt with the black cap fringe you needed to get to target early. real early. >> i saw it sold out to all these people that were buying all these clothes. >> reporter: susan is one of many women frustrated to find the racks empty but for some
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nonjason wu handbags. this video that went viral shows a couple buying nearly all of the items at one miami target store. >> they took everything. >> reporter: the same thing happened in december when the another line sold out in hours. >> did look for it and didn't find it but i hear it's on e- bay. >> reporter: frustrating? >> of course. yes. >> reporter: lisa found the collection on e-bay for buy it now prices as high as $189, three times the first price. target said that it's limited online buyers to just two items and allowed stores to do so as well if they want to. >> they should say two limit two pieces and that's it. . >> reporter: it's the hard to find nature of the collection that makes them more desirable. target won't say what it's strategy will be with future designer lines and if it'll make more product available. many women however say they would be happy if the store just set some limits on how
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much one person can buy so you don't waste your money. >> he is bald, naked and painted gold but everybody wants a piece of the man of the hour, oscar. a preview of the big night and what you can expect from this year's big show and the return of billy crystal. >> how about the queen of the coin? uncle sam wants to take your dollar and give them back a coin. we will explain why. >> and a tractor trailer crash it looked terrible. actually some good news about this. abc 2news. just about 60 seconds.
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. the latest on the school shooting in washington state. the 8-year-old who was shot is still in the hospital facing more serge res, the 9-year-old
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is out of jail. the gun went off inside his backpack just before class. the teacher said it took her a while to figure out what happened. . >> i knew we didn't have balloons and it was a loud pop. the kids were scared. of course -- she just went limp over and i knew that -- something happened. i couldn't figure it out. it was puzzling. >> reporter: prosecutors are looking at the adults the boy's life saying the parents have criminal records, the boy faces bringing a dangerous weapon to school. crowds and shapers stormed stores trying to get the latest ni connection basketball shoe. look at that. folks in florida mobbed offices trying to keep the peace. something similar happened -- it was over the nike galaxy. those who got them have started listing them online. one site is selling them at
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$2,500. and a big rig crash here in dallas. look at that. caught on tape. the 8-wheeler came around the corner and overturned landing on top of another car. the accident caused huge back up but the driver was hurt. after that, the guy in the car especially, they are expected to be okay. this is oscar's big weekend. everybody will be on pins and needles sunday night until then the crowd will be hard at work as well rolling out that red carpet for the academy awards. they we have all the oscar preps. >> reporter: hollywood has been transformed in to a wonderland complete with towering statues and the most famous red carpet in the world all with the intent of a shared love of the movies. that's the mission of the show producer. >> the experience we have as a collective body of people where we sit with hundreds of others
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to watch a film in a theater. >> reporter: adding to that, the host, back for his 9th round as master of ceremonies. he will share the stage with loads of a listers, tom thanks, halle berry, even kermit. don't expect to see sasha or his the dictator. oscar producers won't permit him to crash the show dressed in full character. >> the oscars are about celebrating film and not specific movies. they are opposed to him coming as his character to use the red carpet as a promotional device. >> reporter: everybody's favorite four legged star may have the snub. producers of the artist say he was not invited to appear. and billy crystal is having fun. on twitter he jokingly threatened to reveal the best supporting actor winner saying
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really, who can stop me? abc news hollywood. >> there is a debate heating up in washington over whether to ditch the dollar bill in favor. the dollar coin. it would savor a lot of money but not as much as first thought. lobbiests are fighting hard for the change in your change. christian takes us into the dollar drama in dc. >> it would be devastating. >> he leads clean and company which makes high end --. >> product that we are proud to make. >> reporter: he is nighing to save the dollar bill. >> it's a bad piece of legislation and shouldn't happen. >> reporter: his company in massachusetts is the sole producer of united states paper money. it's not a coincidence he is a spokesman for americans for george, an organization lobbying the government to keep the dollar bill with washington state. ? january a group of senators
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introduced a bill to do away with the bill. >> it makes no sense to carry this around as paper anymore. you should have a coin for that. >> reporter: another congressman wants change, he represents the dollar coin alliance, a group that spent more than half a million dollars last year to lobby for the coin. >> saves money. i don't think there can be much doubt when you look at the fact of how much it takes to produce paper dollar and how long it lasts. >> reporter: the government office agrees saying replacing the paper dollar with the more durable coin would save the government $4.4 billion in the next 30 years, a billion dollars less than what it projected a year ago. >> an argument of saving social security misleading. they say it'll take 50% more coin to do the same job. >> these gold dollars? >> they are. >> wow. >> reporter: finding a dollar coin today may be tough.
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last year the obama administration suspended coin production to save money acknowledging lack of demand. about 40% were returned to the federal reserve. now a billion sit in reserve vaults, most unused. >> would you use these? >> probably not. they take up more space and it's less efficient to carry around. >> reporter: the armored car industry agrees and opposes the coin. they can be more expensive to transport than it the light weight dollar bill. >> faster to handle a coin than a paper dollar. >> reporter: that's why vending companies, mass transit, even . >> would you be in favor of getting rid of the dollar bill? >> that would be terrible. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's up to congress to deal with the
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dollar. >> that was -- this isn't first attempt to kill the paper dollar bill. the house introduced a similar bill last year. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> it says it all. the harbor camera, the flag just fully exposed in the wind. no question about that. federal hill is one windy spot tonight. 45 degrees, winds west -- gusting higher than that. visibility unrestricted. i want to show you some of the weather, the naval academy. downpours, clouds whipping by. the cold front came in and the -- you see him dousing the camera here on kent island as we look over chesapeake and -- as the day goes on, eventually
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moved off shore. wind advisory up through midnight. may be extended further for part of the state. the central maryland and eastern shore will see on that as we get later. from the west 25, or so miles an hour in most spots, eastern shore, winds still lighter but gusting high, gusting to over 30 now, baltimore, nearly 24 in easton. some of the peak wind gusts locally, 41 arnold and edgewood. it's one windy night. let's talk temperatures, they are in the mid40s. continuing to drop tonight. we will end up in the upper 30s and recapping kind of what happened today that warm air boundary, 77 degrees, before getting severe weather late in the afternoon. most of central maryland could not get out of the midand upper 50s. that warm air surge that produce near record levels near richmond and roanoke. it didn't make it in today.
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high temperature was off from last night if you were watching, sorry about that. east coast view things starting to clear out. cool y windy conditions, will wrap around this storm system. through the overnight and i think it you will notice the difference. we will be dry tomorrow but cloud cover and the wind chill factor in the upper 40s with the wind chill which is going to be significant through the day tomorrow may not be quite that warm as the upper 40s and again the trend will show cloud cover tomorrow but dry weather into the weekend and especially on sunday. we will clear the skies completely. a lot of sun, 38, we stay windy. your two degree guarantee. fairly cloudy and windy through saturday but tomorrow night the winds let up. upper 20s. look ahead. finding that the temperatures will end up in the mid50s next week. yes -- a reality check. the upper 40s.
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you do notice mid50, once again, the mild trend seems to be continuing this winter. >> march is coming in like a mild. >> yes. >> mild lion. >> a mild start to march. how is that? >> coming up a happy homecoming for a loved family friend. we will be right back. ♪
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five miles the iowa border they found her because of facebook. a woman looking for her own dog recognized the posting about her. >> black cats can be bad luck to themselves. this is a rewind. she was trapped 60 feet below ground in a ventilation tunnel. she ran deeper when she tried to get her. rescuers were able to get her out. the cat and the officer are doing fine. last look at the weather. >> , all about the wind. not as windy as this. the gifts up over 30 miles an hour. you see the flag, just whipping there. full staff. >> on federal hill. >> the current winds around 20 but gusting higher. tomorrow upper 40s, kind of
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february like. it'll be dry. we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines.
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. real quick, windy weekend, that's it for us. we will see you later.
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